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How diverse is the media industry in Germany?

About the Video By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unlock YouTube “Diversity in the media is a subject that is too often overlooked […]

Forced Abroad – Days of a Forced Laborer

Ein Titelbild der App"Forced Abroad - Tage eines Zwangsarbeiters"

By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unlock YouTube About the Visual Novel “At first, Jan de Boer is fortunate. He avoids the raid […]

Virtual Migration Museum

Ein Screenshot aus dem virtuellen Migrationsmuseum: Zu sehen ist eine Karte, anhand der man zwischen verschiedenen Themenfeldern navigieren kann/A screenshot from the Virtual Migration Museum: It shows a map that allows navigation between different thematic areas.

By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unlock YouTube About the virtual exhibition “The Virtual Migration Museum visualizes the theme of migration in a […]

Migration history in pictures

Ein Aufsteller, auf dem "Eis-Boy Galeazzi, Hamburg - Harburg, Lüneburg" steht/ A standee that reads "Eis-Boy Galeazzi, Hamburg - Harburg, Lüneburg."

About the digital exhibition “Migration has significantly shaped our society. In the series of images titled ‘Migration History in Pictures,’ we have selected objects from the DOMiD collection that represent […]

To remember globally

Logo von Global erinnern

About the project In every city, there are historical events, thematic city tours, and individuals connected to global history: Strikes by migrant workers; sites of African organization in Europe; people […]

Empowerment and Learning in Europe’s Migration Societies

About the Handbook “Foundational values like respect and openness are consistently under attack by antidemocratic and authoritarian groups and individuals in society. In media and political debates, migration is repeatedly […]

Game Glasfäden – From the East to the East

Illustration einer schwarzhaarigen Person mit lila Mütze, lila Handschuhen und einer grauen Daunenjacke

About the Interactive Comic “It is the story of two women from Chemnitz. The mother arrived in the GDR through the socialist fraternal assistance of Hanoi and stayed in a […]

To the Materiality of Flight and Migration

About the Research Project “We explore the complexity of these relationships, including the future expectations associated with objects, the emotions triggered by things, and the various interpretations of objects. This […]


Bild von einer Spielfigur

About the Digital Gallery In particular, people on the run have to leave many of these things behind and carry some of them only in their thoughts. Because farewells, arrivals, […]

Flight and Escape in Historical Perspective

Ein Tafelbild zum Thema Migration

About the digital brochure In this digital brochure you will find inspiration and concrete methods as well as descriptions of workshops for engaging with the topic of “Escape and Migration […]

Multidirectional Memory and Entangled (Hi)stories

About the text “This conversation between the German critical race theorist Iman Attia and the American memory studies scholar Michael Rothberg originally appeared in German in a special issue of […]

Good Ancestor Podcast by Layla F. Saad

About the podcast “An interview series with change-makers & culture-shapers exploring what it means to be a good ancestor. Hosted by globally respected speaker, anti-racism aducator, and New York Times […]