Didactic classification of the game ,,My Memory of Us”

My Memory of Us is a moving story about friendship and hope in one of the darkest times of our past. Enter the hand-drawn and beautifully animated 2D world full of discoveries and adventures to solve its mysteries.

About the game

In My Memory of Us, players are immersed in a captivating story told by the owner of a bookshop. He tells a little girl about his adventures with a friend when they were both still children themselves. Shortly after their friendship began, however, it was overshadowed by a war during which Poland was occupied by robot soldiers.

The game is available on the Steam gaming platform and costs 14.99 euros (as of 01/2024).

Didactic recommendation

“The highly abstract references to the National Socialist era make My Memory of Us particularly suitable for use in history lessons.

In impressive images, players experience the sudden division of society brought about by the occupation and the often inhumane treatment to which some of the population was subjected. The marking of certain people in red stands out particularly strongly from the rest of the black and white look of the game. Direct references to National Socialism, for example by mentioning terms such as “Hitler” or “Jew”, are deliberately avoided in the game. Based on this abstract representation, parallels can be drawn between the events inherent in the game and real history. For example, learners can examine the game in history lessons with the following questions in mind: What parallels are there between the game and historical events or the period of National Socialism? How can it be seen that the game refers to National Socialism? What specific historical events does the game refer to? What form of two-tier society existed during the Nazi era? In particular, this strengthens the pupils’ awareness of history.” (zfdc)

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