Didactic classification of the game ,,The Inner World: The last Wind Monk”

Puzzle your way through a bizarre world full of secrets and save the Flute Nose family in the digital game “The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk” from Studio Fizbin.

About the game

The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk is the second adventure game set in the fictional world of Asposia. This land lies in the interior of a planet and is supplied with air by the dynasty of the Instrument Noses. The group of Conroyalists cling to the old, formerly unpopular dictator Conroy. They use conspiracy theories as justification to capture, deport and kill all the Instrument Noses.
As Robert, the players take on the role of the heir to the throne, who was abducted by Conroy as a child. The dictator instilled in him that he was worthless. The players puzzle their way through the game world, talking to other Asposians. Robert is supposed to end the oppression with his pigeon Hack and his lover Laura, overthrow the dictator and spread the truth. The Asposians should realize that they have been taken in by a confused ideology. The problem: Robert doesn’t actually want to rule.” (digital gaming culture)

The game costs 19.99 euros on the Steam platform (as of 01/2024).
It is available for the platforms: PlayStation, XBOX, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
The age rating is USK 6 (Recommended for players above the age of 6).

Didactic recommendation

“Due to the low age limit, The Last Wind Monk is also suitable for children. As the most important aspects of dictatorship, propaganda and persecution are shown and addressed right at the beginning of the game, it can also be used, interpreted and discussed in short play sessions. However, the cheerful presentation and humor must be addressed and the contrast to the threatening fascism explained.
Furthermore, The Last Wind Monk can also be seen as an example of conspiracy theories. On the one hand, these are critically addressed, as the Conroyalists refer to a victim myth and a conspiracy against them, among other things. The dictatorship tries to use propaganda to justify why they should remain in power. On the other hand, however, the conspiracy theories are normalized with a wink. It should be clearly addressed here that individual conspiracy theorists with aluminum hats are not the only ones who understand the world in reality.” (digital games culture)