Empowerment and Learning in Europe’s Migration Societies

The Methods Handbook presents the results of the post-migrant European journey, in which vibrant migration societies were made visible. It combines methods of communication as well as substantive results of the ‘Postmigrant Europe’ program.

About the Handbook

“Foundational values like respect and openness are consistently under attack by antidemocratic and authoritarian groups and individuals in society. In media and political debates, migration is repeatedly rejected, and racist discrimination is perpetuated. However, we have been living in migration societies for a long time, and it is expected that this diversity will persist.

In light of this contradiction, the ‘Postmigrant Europe’ project called on young Europeans aged 18 to 26 to engage with the question of what kind of Europe they want to live in and how young voices can be heard in the debate. They explored persistent ideologies of inequality and their connections to European colonial history, contemporary debates on decolonization and restitution, as well as experiences with racism and other forms of discrimination, and the collective struggle against them. […] On our educational journey, we enabled 15 young people in Europe to get to know organizations, initiatives, and associations. Our goal was to discover vibrant migration societies together with the young participants and empower them to share their knowledge and experiences with others.”


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