Game Glasfäden – From the East to the East

An interactive comic about the history of Vietnamese contract workers, with a duration of just under 30 minutes and a supplementary booklet with background information, the app is excellent for classroom use.

About the Interactive Comic

“It is the story of two women from Chemnitz. The mother arrived in the GDR through the socialist fraternal assistance of Hanoi and stayed in a country that underwent radical changes after the peaceful revolution. Her daughter was born into a family that was denied integration into society on many levels. ‘Glasfäden’ is based on interviews with former contract workers and their descendants from Chemnitz and the surrounding area, which have been woven into a narrative.”


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“Beyond its historical component, ‘Glasfäden’ also serves as a part of active anti-racist education, promoting sensitivity to often overlooked segments of German society and increasing awareness of racism and its consequences. Given the current rise in far-right attacks and rhetoric in politics and media, anti-racist education is particularly crucial as a pillar of German democracy.” Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur

Duration: 35 minutes

Our Recommendation

Glasfäden was created as part of the project ‘neue unentd_ckte narrative 2025’ by the Chemnitz-based organization ASA-FF. The app is a part of the production ‘So glücklich, dass du Angst bekommst’ by the Figurentheater Chemnitz. Interested individuals can experience the interactive comic in Vietnamese, German, and English. It has been designed for effective use in educational settings and as a teaching tool in schools. Glasfäden is available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play. In addition to the app, interested parties can find a student guide for download. This material, created by political scientist Ngoc Bich Tran, offers further background information, a glossary, and additional resources.

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