Didactic classification from the game ,,Through the darkest of Times”

This game lets you coordinate a civilian resistance group in Nazi-era Berlin: fight for freedom, weaken the system and lead your group through the darkest of times. “Through the darkest of times” is a game about the resistance against National Socialism during the Third Reich.

About the game

In Through the Darkest of Times, players use an avatar to take charge of a small resistance cell in Berlin in 1933, shortly after Adolf Hitler was appointed Reich Chancellor. The missions of the various members must be planned round by round on a strategic Berlin city map. The different strengths and weaknesses of the characters as well as their political backgrounds come into play. Possible missions include recruiting supporters, collecting donations and planning and carrying out political actions directed against the Nazi regime. These range from preparing, printing and distributing leaflets, to posting political slogans in central locations, to liberating political prisoners and – towards the end of the war – carrying out attacks on military facilities. In the course of the war, the risk of arrest increases with every operation. Successful actions can boost the morale of the members, which would otherwise be in constant decline. The aim is to maintain the group’s morale until the end of the war through careful planning and successful actions against the Nazi apparatus without being captured and murdered.” (digital game culture)

Didactic classification

“Overall, it can be said that Through the Darkest of Times is very well suited for use in schools; it sheds light on an important chapter of German history and offers valuable opportunities for further reflection and discussion.” (zfdc.de)


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