Video series: Migration and displacement in times of climate change

Migration and climate change are closely linked. Climate change repeatedly triggers new migration movements by destroying people’s livelihoods, especially in the Global South. This video series addresses this issue and aims to discuss key questions surrounding it.

About the Video Series

“The Big Climate Movement: Migration & Displacement in Times of Climate Change,” is a series of 12 informative videos featuring experts such as Dr. Caroline Zickgraf and Dr. François Gemenne from the Hugo Observatory, Dr. Yvonne Su from York University, and 8 young climate activists from 7 countries. This series provides an insightful exploration of the complex relationship between climate change and mobility. It addresses why the term ‘climate refugee’ is controversial and explains the challenges in predicting future migration numbers. This content is designed to deepen understanding and provoke critical thinking about “climate migration.”

The series includes two key case studies, contributions from youth activists worldwide, and a bonus clip discussing the connection between the Coronavirus, mobility, and migration. Originally produced by Migration Matters e.V. for an Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, this series fosters collaborative learning among refugee and non-refugee students across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean in an interactive online classroom. Financed by the European Union’s budget and produced under a contract with the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, the opinions expressed in these videos are those of the contractor and do not represent the official position of the contracting authority.

This series is highly recommended for educators, students, and anyone interested in the intersections of climate change, migration, and global social issues.

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Our Recommendation

The video series is well-suited for reflecting on two highly relevant topics: climate change and migration. It scientifically explores the important connections between these two areas, making it a valuable resource for enhancing one’s knowledge and perspectives. This foundation enables further critical thinking and discussion on the subject.

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