Virtual Migration Museum

A journey through time from 1945 to the present makes the societal transformation instigated by migration tangible. Visitors can explore urban buildings, discover intriguing objects within them, and listen to accounts from witnesses of the time.


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About the virtual exhibition

“The Virtual Migration Museum visualizes the theme of migration in a virtual space. Museum visitors navigate through a fictional cityscape and have the option to choose between three different time periods. In various buildings, migration is connected to various themes, such as work, culture, or education.

The goal of the Virtual Migration Museum is to illustrate how migration shapes our society, our history, and our coexistence. The subject of migration is examined from the perspective of a society shaped by migration, and it imparts knowledge about various forms and types of migration.”

Our recommendation

The exhibition is particularly recommended for educators who wish to incorporate the topics of migration and racism into their teaching. This allows students to experience German migration history through an interactive learning tool in an immersive manner. A tutorial makes it easy for visitors to quickly navigate through the application. Visitors can access the virtual museum on various devices, whether it’s a desktop computer, a personal virtual reality headset, or a smartphone.

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