Zentrum für didaktische Computerspielforschung

The Center for Didactic Computer Game Research (ZfdC) is a unique institution in Europe, which pursues the systematic research of computer games from a didactic perspective as well as the training and further education of teachers in the use of interactive media.

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Didactic classification of the game ,,My Memory of Us”

My Memory of Us is a moving story about friendship and hope in one of the darkest times of our past. Enter the hand-drawn and beautifully animated 2D world full of discoveries and adventures to solve its mysteries.

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Didactic classification of the game ,,Papers please”

The Game Papers Please puts you into the position of a fictional country’s border official. The Zentrum für didaktische Computerspielforschung (English: Centre for research regarding didactical use of computer games) wrote a classification about this game.

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Thematic Areas History

Types of Media Games & Apps

Fields of action Schools

target group JuvenilesPedagogic personnelSecondary education first stageUpper secondary education

Sprachen GermanEnglishFrenchSpanishItalian

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