Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe

The non-partisan Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe was founded by Pauline Schwarzkopf in Hamburg in 1971. The Schwarzkopf Foundation’s vision is a Europe of openness, solidarity and democracy shaped by young people.

In events, seminars, educational programs and youth-led networks European Youth Parliament (EYP), Young Islam Conference and Understanding Europe, as well as with prizes and scholarships, it offers young Europeans opportunities for encounter and exchange, personal development and active democratic participation.


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Empowerment and Learning in Europe’s Migration Societies

The Methods Handbook presents the results of the post-migrant European journey, in which vibrant migration societies were made visible. It combines methods of communication as well as substantive results of the ‘Postmigrant Europe’ program.

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Thematic Areas Stories of MigrationDiversityEmpowerment

Types of Media MethodsCollection

Fields of action Civil Society

target group Pedagogic personnel(professional) Public

Sprachen GermanEnglish

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