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International Conference ”Holocaust Distortion and Counter Strategies“

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Mi. 15. November – Do. 16. November 2023 | 13:00 – 06:30 Uhr (Präsenz)


Holocaust distortion is not a new phenomenon, but has reached
a disturbingly new level in Europe and on a global scale. It
often is based on antisemitic world views or nurtures antisemitic
tropes. Expressions of Holocaust distortion can be found
across the political spectrum, but they are increasingly instrumentalized
by a growing Far Right, in nationalistic discourses,
religious fundamentalism and online hate campaigns. Distortion
of historical facts not only discriminates against victims
and descendants, but also endangers our collective understanding
of our own history, and historical truth. The dissemination
of fake histories, propaganda, and hate speech aims directly
at the foundations of our societies. It specifically attacks civil
society, democratic institutions, and the credibility of scientific
experts and independent media.
The Kreuzberg Initiative Against Antisemitism (KIgA e.V.) and
the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are organizing an International
Conference in cooperation with the Topography of
Terror to address the issue of Holocaust distortion from the
standpoint of considering educational strategies to counter
some of its leading manifestations.

The conference will cover:

• What are expressions of Holocaust distortion and why and
how is Holocaust distortion used for political purposes?
• What are the recommendations developed by the International
Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and which
counter strategies do international and non-governmental
organizations pursue?
• What are new approaches within Holocaust education to
engage young audiences?
• Which role does social media play in spreading and in
countering Holocaust distortion? Which new research is
done in the field of monitoring and countering online Holocaust
distortion? Which tasks remain for tech companies,
legislation, administration and civil society to do and which
alliances to find?
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will present
and discuss its exhibition „Some Were Neighbors“ during
the conference.

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The conference language is English without translation.