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Seeding a Global Network on Migration and Belonging

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Di. 04. Juni 2024 | 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr (Online, Zoom)


Our movements for belonging cannot succeed without addressing migration. It raises fundamental questions about borders, and the very containers around which we organize identities and rights. In 2024, half the world’s population will vote in major elections, and migration will be one of the central wedge issues. What might be possible if we take a more integrated and global approach to the question of migration? What resources are needed to strengthen our movements to work together? Can we share tactics, resources and visions for belonging beyond the nation-state? What kind of global network would support and energize us in this challenging time? With Miriam Juan-Torres (Othering and Belonging Institute), Usha Srinivasan (Mosaic America), Christina Antonakos-Wallace (Building Belonging/With Wings and Roots)