migration-audio-archiv e.V.

At this time the archive includes the stories of around 150 women, men and young people – of different ages and origins – How and why did they come to Germany, what was their journey or flight like, how were they received? They tell about the causes and motives of their emigration – economic, political and personal. What ideas they had about Germany and their first impressions in this country. Where did the children go to school, what kind of work did they do, where did they live and buy their food, and what was their contact with the Germans like?

In doing so, they always tell a piece of the history of the Federal Republic of Germany: migration history, social history, history of mentality, everyday and cultural history – subjectively, personally, authentically, in their own voices, without interruptions; in terms of sound, dramaturgy and narration in the best radio quality.


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